Attention Contractors


The Bayonne Police Department conducts evaluation and monitoring of all work sites within the City. All worksite evaluations conducted by the Traffic Enforcement Unit, Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 2 pm.  Report to our office at 330 Hook Road or call us at 201-858-6963 when an evaluation is needed or with any questions you may have. After hours emergency? Call 201-858-6950

Prior to any work site evaluations all contractors are required to be registered with the Bayonne Police Department.


Contractor Registrations

Please return the following documents to us:  All forms must be typed.

- Worksite Guidelines

- Contractor Registration Form (Complete PDF form online and print)

- Hold Harmless (must be notarized)

- The title page of your insurance policy, listing the City of Bayonne, 630 Avenue C, Bayonne, NJ 07002

- A CLEAR copy of an official I.D. (ex. driver's license) for each person

Scan and email the completed documents to or fax to 201-858-6121.


Work Site Evaluations (Separate evaluation must be completed for each work site)

- Work Site Evaluation Form & Hold Harmless Form

- Any questions, please call the Traffic Enforcement Unit during normal business hours at 201-858-6963.


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