Fallen Heroes of the Bayonne Police Department

Police Officer Thomas Hunter

December 17,1920    7:25 P.M. (END OF WATCH)

At the above time while responding to Cottage Street and Hobart Avenue to transport a prisoner to headquarters, a police auto patrol collided with another vehicle at 26th Street and Broadway. The police vehicle was driven by Officer Frederick Whitney. Officer Thomas Hunter, who was sitting in the rear of the police vehicle, was thrown from the vehicle into the street.  He sustained a fractured skull.  He was removed to the Bayonne hospital where he died at 8:37 P.M. as a result of the injuries that he had received in the accident.

Police Officer Hugh O'Donnell

July 20, 1926    2:40 P.M. (END OF WATCH)

Patrolman William Smeaton reports that he observed Officer Hugh O'Donnell mount a police horse at 22nd Street and Avenue "F".  The horse then broke into a fast gallop north on Avenue "F".  Officer Smeaton got into a passing auto and followed after O'Donnell.  When he got to 27th Street and Avenue "F" he found Officer O'Donnell lying on the ground near a rock pile seriously injured.  He had been apparently thrown from the horse.  Officer Smeaton put O'Donnell in the car and took him to the Bayonne hospital.  Officer O'Donnell died on July 24, 1926 at 3:40 P.M. as a result of the injuries that he received when he was thrown from the police horse at 27th Street and Avenue "F".

Police Officer Stanley Zendarski

 July 4, 1930     1:42 P.M. (END OF WATCH)

Patrolman Edward Hanak reports that while standing on the southwest corner of 22nd Street and Prospect Avenue with Patrolman Stanley Zendarski that Joseph Rusnak came from the eastside of Prospect Avenue towards them and started shooting directly at Officer Zendarski and myself.  I then saw Zendarski fall to the ground and I was shot in the right ankle.  Rusnak then fled on foot.  I stopped an auto and gave chase but could not find the suspect. I was taken to the Bayonne hospital.  I saw Officer Zendarski there.  Doctor Geller pronounced him dead at 1:51 A.M.  Lt. William Barry reports he learned later that Officer Zendarski was removed from 22nd Street at about 1:40 A.M. by a private automobile.  He had been shot in the stomach.  Patrolman Hanak who was also shot in the ankle was detained at the hospital.  Joseph Rusnak was arrested at 2:45 A.M. this date at his home, 207 Avenue "F", Bayonne by Acting Chief Daniel Kilduff, Lt. William Barry, Sgt. Michael McGeehan, Det. Neil Ward, Ptlm. Dennis Sweeney and Ptlm. Frank Hass.

Police Officer Joseph Brameyer

 June 21, 1970     12:20 P.M.  (END OF WATCH)

At the above time while responding to a report of a burglary in progress Officer Brameyer became involved in an accident at 22nd Street and Avenue "J".  His police vehicle was found imbedded on the gate post made of steel on the fence surrounding a vacant lot. Officer Brameyer was unconscious and trapped inside the car.  He was removed from the vehicle and transported to the Bayonne hospital.  At 5:20 P.M. Officer Brameyer expired as a result of the injuries sustained in the auto accident.

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